Monday, March 23, 2009

Take It Whenever I Can

With these early Spring days that are either cold and wet, windy and cold, or -um- windy and wet, I feel that I need to take advantage of every warm, dry, slightly breezy day that comes along. Today was such a day, and even though my schedule was rather tight, I was able to grab an hour for a quick ride to the bridge and a little beyond.

Not sure if this barn was renovated in 1984, or if the roofer was an Orwell fan

On this nice, sunny day, I wasn't the only one out for a ride. I saw many cyclists, including kitted up roadies and casually dressed 50 somethings. Others included several motorcycle riders, people in convertables, and a small group of teens on step-through scooters. Also, when I stopped at the top of a hill, these two horsemen came out of the trees and followed the side of the road to the north.


I hope to get a few days like this when my vacations starts later in the week.

Miles Ridden: 11.5

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jeepers, Creepers

Sunrise Over the Golf Course

The sound of Spring Peepers was all around as I rode past the Celery Bog and the golf course water hazard. There must be hundreds of those nasty little creatures all around me.

Because my daughter had to get to school early, I tossed the bike in the back of the truck and parked at the school. Apparently, they don't mind if I leave the truck for the day.

Miles Ridden: 11.2

Cattail Trail

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blue Sky Ride

It was raining this morning, but I was able to ride back to work after lunch. Another great day.

Sunny Blue Skies

Miles Ridden: 7.2

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Cows are Watching

Good day for a ride, as the temps are in the high 40s, and the winds weren't too strong from the east.

High water on the Wabash around the bridge

The neighbor and I followed the Lilly Road Route in a counter clockwise direction. Along the route, we saw two Rocky's and a Lester (road kill Raccoons and Opossum).


Riding into the headwind and climbing the hill by the Lilly complex reminded me that I'm out of shape. Lucky for me spring is starting to show up more often, so I'm hoping to get out more.

Miles Ridden: 18.0

Thursday, March 05, 2009

First Bike Commute of the Year!

Strong headwinds make for great kite weather

Miles Ridden: 9.2