Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lilly Road

This is nice for a longer, weekend morning ride, and is just as fun in either direction.

Start at the intersection of Division and Newman Roads near West Lafayette. Head south on Newman to River Road. Take a left (east) and ride to US231.

Right on US231 heads south over the Branigan Bridge. Riding along this highway is easy thanks to the very wide shoulder - enough room for two to ride abreast and still be out of the way of the traffic. However, there is no break in the median wall, so you're in for the long haul. Take the highway to the SR25 intersection.

Turn right (west) on SR25 and travel just to the next light at 100W. Turn right (north) and travel to the 'T' with Elston Road. Take a left (west) on Elston, then veer to the right onto Lilly Road. The route travels past a few homes, over the Amtrak line, past the Eli Lilly Tippecanoe Labs, and down into the Wea Creek valley. Up the other side, the road snakes past a few pastures reaches the prairie - a flat straight ride all the way to 700W.

Cows on Lilly Road - November 2004

At 700W, take a right (north) and travel over the Granville Bridge to Division Road. Turn right (east) on Division Road and travel back to Newman Road. Don't miss the left turn where Division and River Roads intersect.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

River Road/Campus Route

This is another under 10 mile route I can run before work.

Starting at Division and Newman roads near West Lafayette, head south on Newman (300W). At the 'T', take a left to head east on River Road. At the highway, turn left on US231 to continue east and then north. Just past the blue railroad underpass, turn left (west) on Williams Street. Go up the hill 2 blocks to Grant Street and turn right (north).

Now it's time to off-road. I will take a left past PMU on the bike lane, run past Stewart Center, north past the Bell Tower, around the Class of '39 Fountain, down the Stadium Mall to the intersection of University and Stadium Streets. (The timid or unadventurous can take Grant Street, left on Northwestern, and left on Stadium to University.)

Travel north on University Street and up the hill on the east side of Ross-Ade Stadium. Come back down the stadium's west side hill on Beering Drive. Take a right (west) on Tower Drive. Past the water tower, take a quick left on David Ross Drive, and then right on Stadium. At McCormick Road, turn left (south).

Newman Road Rail Viaduct - January 2005

It's only a couple of blocks south to SR26. Turn right (west) and cycle to Newman Road. Turn Left (south west) through the rail viaduct and follow Newman back to Division Road.

Montmorenci Route

This is a variation of the Montmorenci Loop as drawn by Charlie Myer in his book Bicycling in the Lafayette Area.

Start at the intersection of Division and Newman roads near West Lafayette, Head west to 350W. Turn right (north) at the big tree in the middle of the road.

Big tree at 350W in August 2004

In less than a half a mile, veer left onto 400W. Travel up the hill and a through a few turns until finally heading north past the Xmas tree farm. At SR26 take a slight left (northwest) onto Jackson Highway.* This runs around 3 miles into Montmorenci. Take a sharp left at the cemetary chapel to head south on 650W. This road changes to 675W after a couple of curves.

Cemetary Chapel in Monmorenci - April 2005

At SR26, turn right (west) and follow the highway for a quick run to 750W. Turn left (south) here and ride to the 'T' intersection. Hang a right for Kerber Road (a left heads by Martell Forest, a Purdue University forestry research site). Follow Kerber to Division. Take a left (east) down Indian Creek Hill, and continue on Division Road to Newman (don't miss the left turn at the intersection with River Road).

Top of Indian Creek Hill - April 2005

*Charlie Myer's route continues north on 400W to 250N (aka Fat Ass Road), right (east) on 250N to 300W (Klondike Road), left (north) on 300W, crossing US52 (becoming Taft Road), sharp left (west) on 500N to US231, left (south) on US231 into Montmorenci, rejoining my route at the church. His route totals 22 miles.

Granville Bridge Route

One of the most common rides my neighbor and I will take before work is the Granville Bridge Route. It's only 9 miles, and it's easy to fit into 50 minutes before breakfast.

Start at the intersection of Division and Newman Roads west of West Lafayette. Head west on Division. At the intersection of Division and River, turn right on Division and continue west. Turn left on 700 W and stop at the top of the bridge. Talk about the blue herons and the height of the river. Return along the same route.

View of the Wabash in November 2004

The Gourd House Jog:

When returning, take River Road east from Division, pass the house with the gourds in the tree, and turn north on 350W to return to Division road. Continue east back to Newman.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Ready to Ride

I finally got the bike on the trainer last night. Then, I was too tired this morning to ride it. Maybe tomorrow.