Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Miles for February

Miles Ridden: 18.3
Total this Year: 114.0

It may sound lame, but it's 18.3 more miles than I did last Feb.

Plus, it's March now, so the season is about to start. I'm more than ready! (Mentally, anyway. I need to get the bike to the shop for a Spring tune-up.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another Basket

I thought that yesterday would be my only ride of the week, but my schedule cleared enough for me to ride to work today and come home on the South Work Route.

I remembered my headband, so my ears and forehead were toasty warm on the way in, but my feet and fingers got very cold. I'm going to have to wear something besides argyle socks and deck shoes!

Sidewalk Grafitti

Miles Ridden: 8.3

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Eggs in One Basket

The neighbor and I are both trying to ride at least once each month for an entire year. That can be difficult in the cold Indiana winter. Last year, I missed December, January and February. Regular readers may remember that I have been able to ride every month since, until this month. It has been cold, wet, dark, and windy, and I have been either warm in the house, or busy with life. Looking at the weather and my social calendar for the last week of February, I decided to ride to work on Wednesday (tomorrow). That would be my last chance where I have time to ride and the temperature is above freezing.

However, a last minute appointment dashed those plans, so I left work a little early to try to get a ride in. I made it!

Formerly Frozen Indian Creek
Ice in Indian Creek

Sure, it was a little cold, and I should have worn my new headband to keep my ears and forehead warm, but overall, it was a good ride.

I traveled the Granville Bridge Route, with a short detour under the bridge for these photos. Traffic was light, and no one bothered me.

Under Granville Bridge
As Seen Under the Bridge

Miles Ridden: 9.8

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive

Here's a great article about alternatives to auto driving.

Via Urbana-Champaign Bicycle Commute