Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What a Difference 10 Minutes Makes

High Atop the Alumni Center
Dark, Cold, and Windy

I usually get out of the office by 10 after 5:00, but I got a late start today. So, instead of riding with my fellow staff and faculty members, I was tooling around in a sea of students who had just been released from their last class of the day. I remember those college days. My friends and I could be noisy, rude, and self absorbed, and today's crop of college kids were doing the same. As I passed the bus stop, I saw a scooter with three passengers crammed onto the small seat lumbering off the curb and pull into the lane behind me.

Then, I heard a horn begin to beep continuously, along with some vulgar shouting from the scooter team. This went on for half a minute or so before the scooter passed me while the passengers still screamed foul insults. I couldn't tell if they were yelling at the driver of the beeping car or me, so I assumed it was horn boy. However, the beeping continued.

I finally looked back, thinking that I had dropped my pannier. The SUV with the incessant horn was a couple of lengths behind me, but the driver didn't wave or make any other motion towards me when I gave the "what's up" hand signal. A few seconds after I turned back, the SUV passed me and I heard "(mumble mumble) THE ROAD (mumble mumble)" come from the side window.

So, apparently they were yelling at me. Oh well.

Just past the next light, a car pulled out of an alley on my right, and stopped blocking the lane waiting for a space to open in the oncoming traffic stream. No problem for me, as I was able to swerve around, but the cars behind me had to wait.

Another exhilarating ride.

Miles Ridden: 7.1 (estimated)

BTW, I forgot to mention yesterday that I passed the 2,000 mile mark for this year. That's already more than last year's total and my highest annual mileage ever. And I've still got six weeks to go!


Blogger Revrunner said...

That's strange. I also was passed yesterday by a guy on a scooter on a stretch of road that I've never seen a scooter before.

Anyway, the road surface there was a little bumpy, so I couldn't get a very good look at the guy in my mirror. All I thought was that that was one fast cyclist! He kept coming up on me so quick that I picked up my own pace just so as not to look like a slacker. Then when he passed me I realized my mistake. Duh!

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