Sunday, April 20, 2008

Turkey Ride

This morning was a little windy, and a bit chilly, but I went out anyway. I had to stop at work, so I took the long way around.

I started by heading north on Sharon Chapel and Klondike Roads. Between the two, Drury Lane is part of a short cut. While riding through this quiet residential neighborhood, I heard the gobble of a turkey close by. It turns out that I experienced a sighting of the turkey that my son used to see during his morning bus ride to school. This guy was all puffed out, perhaps upset by my presence, or maybe just his reflection in the screen door.

The Turkey of Drury Lane
The Turkey of Drury Lane

I turned east on 500N, and the slight tailwind made a quick, enjoyable ride. As I passed a small country church a lady who was getting out of her car with a large box of doughnuts said hi as I rolled by.



Potawatomi Indian March Marker
This is the Second of These Markers I Have Come Across
Here's the First

Miles Ridden: 21.2


Anonymous Ray said...

Great shot of the turkey, Dan. I've seen them in the wild before, but I've never seen a suburban turkey.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Apertome said...

That looks like a fun ride -- sad about the roadkill, though. That turkey rules.

11:48 AM  

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