Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ready for the Wardrobe

Today after work, I installed a short clothes rod in a small cubbyhole in the corner of my office - between an air duct and a load bearing girder.

Before the Clothes Rod Install Clothes Rod Installed
Before and After

(It is actually level. The angle of the photograph just makes it look crooked. At least that's my story.)

Now I'm ready to bring in work clothes so that I can ride in wearing proper winter wear and change when I arrive. No more commuting wearing Dockers and loafers. Instead, I can wear warm pants and shoes, while not worrying about the wrinkles that my shirt in the pannier is forming every minute it stays rolled up with my socks and underwear.


Blogger Jeff said...

I hate riding in office clothes. I prefer my riding gear even for my short 2.4 mile commute.

That new rack of yours might come in handy to hang your wet riding clothes on too. I have mine draped over my bike, and it looks pretty sloppy...

2:44 PM  

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