Friday, July 20, 2007

Morning and Night

Curve in the Highway
SR26 in the Morning

It started off as a normal commute day with comfortably cool temps and bright sunshine. However, instead of riding home, I met my wife and son for supper at Moe's after he picked up his wristband for the Harry Potter book pickup. We all drove home in the van.

Lafayette at Night
Lafayette at Night

Since my son wanted to hang out with his friends at the bookstore before the big midnight debut, I decided to bring the bike back into town and ride around while he waited. What a great idea! I had a ball cruising around town at night, and I took a bunch of night photographs. Traffic was light as I rode up Main Street to Five Points, and then back down to the river and up State Street to the Village and on west through campus to Airport Road. I arrived back at the bookstore right at midnight, and we reached the cashier at 1:00.

West Lafayette at Night
West Lafayette at Night

Miles Ridden: 11.2


Blogger Olivia said...

Awesome pictures! I love to bike but not over four or five miles!

7:14 PM  

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