Monday, March 12, 2007

Good Day for a Commute

Great weather today, so I rode to work.

Boy, with the early DST change this year, it was dark. Sunrise was 8:06 this morning - at least 10 minutes after I arrived. In addition to my lights and reflectors, I wore my new reflective vest for the first time. I'm sure I was glowing! I saw the neighbor in his driveway as I was leaving, and he said I was lit up like a Christmas tree. I don't care how geeky it may look, I didn't get hit by a car today.

Here's what I faced when I arrived...

Bike Rack - Snowed In

The plow crews piled all of the snow from the parking lot here after the blizzard last month, and the once six foot high pile still has some melting to do. Lucky for me there were other spots at the end. The bike pictured on the left is one of two that have been chained there for at least two years. All of the components are pretty much rusted beyond usefulness, but the lock includes a hardy chain that still looks new. I'm going to ask the building deputy about cutting the bikes off the rack and sending them down to salvage for sale.

I came home on the South Work Route. This was after my conversation with the SrVP in the parking lot where he asked "You don't ride down River Road, do you?" I answered that it is a little crowded this time of day. There's no sense in having the boss thinking I'm an idiot.

Miles Ridden: 8.3


Blogger rigtenzin said...

I'm a fan of reflective safety vests.

I know it makes me feel safer, because I'm more visible to other road users. I wish someone would conduct a study to find out if I'm right. Did you read about the British researcher who found motorists give more room to women bicyclists and less room to helmeted cyclists? I'd like the same type of study done with safety vests.

8:28 AM  

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