Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nice Spandex

I had some time after yard work today to ride, so I went down to West Point and back (Division Road west to Granville Bridge, then south on 700W. Same route back). On the way, I passed a group of young girls (probably sisters) playing outside a farm house. The youngest, around 5 or 6, came running down the driveway and shouted to me "Nice spandex!". I said thank you and rode on.

Empty Store in West Point
Some areas of West Point have seen better days

Miles Ridden: 18.6

BTW, it's very nice to ride a freshly tuned bicycle. A big thank you and a hearty "Well Done!" to the boys in the service department at Hodson's Bay Company.


Blogger Tom Stormcrowe said...

Looks like we were omn opposite routes today! I rode the North route, levee to Walmart, via cattail, NW Greenbelt to Soldiers Home, back up to Yeager, down to campus to levee while wifeepoo did the laundry!

11:12 PM  

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