Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Last Ride to Work

The weather lady predicted a cold front would arrive tonight, and the forecast for the next several days is cold and rainy. This could be the last ride to work this year, unless I can find some cold weather riding gear.

Big guys like me have a tough time finding bike clothes. Items are marked 'XL', but the actual size may almost be a large. I ordered some wind/water resistant bike pants that were marked '40-42', but I couldn't even pull them up! I've heard about a company that sells cycling wear for bigger people. I'll just have to remember their name.

When I left work today, I walked out the door to see a bunch of fire trucks and police cars outside. Apparently, a construction crew had hit a gas main, and a three block area was evacuated. My building was right on the edge, and some co-workers were not allowed to retrieve their cars from the neighboring parking lot until the 'all clear' was given.

It was also colder than I expected - 60 instead of 70. I was quite underdressed. What kept me warm was that I had just received a frustrating email before I left, and I was all worked up about it. I found myself pedaling quickly most of the way home on the North Work Route

Miles Ridden: 11.9


Blogger Barry said...

Dan -
I hope you get some good days now and then to stay active on the bike. I'm planning to ride thru the winter this year. Of course we don't get as cold down here in the dirty south and the winters are shorter, but we have about 4 months where the weather can be anywhere from 20 - 60 degrees.

Sorry I didn't see your question on my blog about exporting posts from blogger - I didn't have that many posts, I just cut and pasted. There is a lot of info on moving your blog though, try Googling POSTS EXPORT IMPORT BLOGGER and you'll get instructions for moving from blogger to several popular blogging formats. I use Wordpress. I've used Linux also since 1997, but I've been using Windows for a year now since I started my website. I just found the photo's easier to edit quickly and photo albums easier to setup quickly. I use any software more as a tool, so whichever works most efficient for me, I use it. Sorry to drag on, I didn't know your e-mail. j j
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