Friday, October 28, 2005

Jimmy Johns

I was driving home through campus tonight around 8:00. State Street is a one-way west through the village and by the Union, and we were in the left lane. In the right lane up a little was a bus followed by a small car. As the bus began to slow for a stop, the car signaled and changed to the left lane. Then, both slammed on the brakes. Between them, riding on the white center line, the Jimmy Johns sandwich delvery boy appeared on his fixed gear.

Riding the wrong way on a one way street!

What an ass! I think he's been watching those videos of the New York bike couriers in the death defiying races through traffic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We bring the food...and we do it fast. Most of us JJ's messengers have delivered in major cities before moving here. Maybe your bike boy was trying to cut over to the bike lane that I've seen more drivers use for their right tires than not. I'm not attacking drivers or anything like that, just saying that these cyclists are more aware of whats going on at any given time than 99% of the drivers on campus. Also, the bike lane seems to evaporate into head on traffic at Northwestern and state St...dumping our cyclists into traffic and a 1 way against us road. (We've talked to the city about extending the bike lane down South Street or State St and Chauncey Hill but they're still working it out.)

-Delivery Messenger
state st JJ's

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Bro I don't know if that is fair. I deliver for JJ's too but this is not my first courier job. I worked for B&L in New York, Bucky's in Seattle, and now JJ and let me tell you to that it might not be fair to brush off that JJ messenger as a wannabe biking bad ass. New York is not especial, bike messengers in every city are just as accustom to pulling dangerous moves as New York Couriers and that delivery boy gets paid per delivery just like any other messenger and as such has just as good a reason to break the law in the interest of making time. I am not justifying breaking the law... that is an ass thing, I don't think bike messengers try and defend their outlaw status though, normally they just embrace it, but to say he is trying to imitate something that he really has no business being apart of, isn't true. Dude's not a poser if it actually is his job. I say save the "wannabe" speech for the punks on too-shiny, ill-fitting track bikes with undersized chromebags and no radio blowing through stop signs at a whopping 12 MPH.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't spell, and you're a prick. That was an absurdly pointless post, sir.

2:54 AM  

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