Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 2006 Totals and Year in Review

Like everyone else, I feel compelled to summarize my year in the saddle. First, the totals:

December 2006: 62.4 miles
December 2005: 21.4 miles

Nice improvement there.

2006 Total: 1,537.7 Miles
2005 Total: 1,296.6 Miles

Not only did I beat last year's number, I passed my secret personal goal of 1,400.

A big part of that increase (other than the great weather in January) was due to the purchase of my new bike, the Trek Pilot 1.0. I divided the miles by bike as follows:

Trek 820: 1,186.3 Miles
Trek Pilot: 351.4 Miles

However, after the Pilot rolled into the garage in August, the 820 was limited to 261.9 miles - mostly commuting. The Pilot may be the favored ride.

The Spinner Saturday miles will be posted soon by Stormcrowe on both of this sites (here and here), and the group may pass 40,000. Even though I've only met 2 of the other members, it's fun being part of the group.

Have a safe and happy New Year's celebration, and I hope to see you out on the roads and in the saddle in 2007!

Dan and Tom on Granville Bridge
New Year's Day - 2006


Blogger Unknown said...

We blew through 40K miles, Dan! I'll have the final tally up tomorrow evening after I get all the reports in. We're getting ready for a night ride right now, riding in the New Year!

10:07 PM  

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