Sunday, January 08, 2006

Miracles Never Cease

Stormcrowe wasn't the only one to ride today. I grabbed the camera and hit the road about 4:00 with the Weather Channel reporting 55°.

With sunset just 90 minutes away, I opted for the Llama Route over any thing longer. This takes about an hour, so I would be back in plenty of time to make dinner.

The first part was pretty uneventful, with little traffic and the wind at my side or back. As I turned the corner on 600W, I saw a very strange site; two people walking a llama down the road.

Walking the Llama
I think she said his name is "Jack"

Janet and David are acquaintances of my wife and I, but I've never been to their farm to see the herd. They said that Jack was a little more energetic than most, so they liked to take him out from time to time. They were at least a mile north of the farm. It was neat how he heard me coming long before the humans noticed. Llamas have been described as "guard dogs".

Llama Farm
Two more in the pasture

Down the road at the farm, I found these two who were quite curious about me walking up to the fence, and they posed quite well. I'm glad I was finally able to document that the llamas exist.

Miles Ridden: 12.8

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Blogger Unknown said...

Looks like it was a nice ride! By the way, the headband I use is from L.L Beran, is merino wool with fleese inner. Warm even when I sweat it up! Hodsons has some nice ultra light ear covers for about $25.00, re the cool weather post.

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